2014 Service to Agriculture Award

2014 Service to Agriculture Award

Dear Oregon Women for Agriculture Members,

2014 Service to Ag AwardThank you so much for honoring me as the recipient of the “2014 Service to Agriculture Award” at your annual meeting. It was especially sweet that Marie Bowers Stagg presented me with the award. Marie is a long-time friend of Oregonians for Food and Shelter (OFS) who worked for OFS as an intern when she was a college student.

I appreciate the recognition from this group of hard-working women and cherish the working relationships and friendships we have developed over the past 23+ years.

Please join Scott Dahlman, Paulette Pyle and me in welcoming Diann Washburn to OFS. She began work on the 3rd of March as our new Office Manager. Diann and her husband Paul have owned and operated Washburn Contract Services for several years, specializing in reforestation and vegetation management. She is an active member of Oregon Women for Agriculture and Oregon Women in Timber, so she fits right in at the OFS office.

Her first couple of weeks have been filled with a week of the “short” legislative session; a “baptism by fire” into the world of fighting a ballot measure; preparing and mailing OFS invoices; corresponding with OFS members and preparing letters to candidates; and topped off her second week with an OFS Board meeting.

Diann is doing a great job and we all feel blessed to have her join the team. Please add her to your email list –  and feel free to contact her as you have contacted me over the years.

Thank you again for the recognition of my work, I really appreciate it. I hope to continue to see many of you down my retirement trail!

Sandi Schukar