Author: Arwen McGilvra

Grass Seed

Comment on Worker Protection Standard Rulemaking

By Arwen McGilvra – To Garnet Cooke at OR-OSHA, I am very concerned about the OR-OSHA WPS PROPOSAL. I am the fourth generation to live on my families Willamette Valley farm. The farm my great-grandfather bought after leaving the dust bowl in North Dakota. The farm my grandfather and grandmother struggled to keep going during…
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OWA Opposes Measure 97

Oregon Women for Agriculture opposes any additional taxes that would be burdensome to business owners, farmers, ranchers and the citizen of the state. Measure 97 has been billed as a way to make out of state businesses pay their fair share. However, that is not the case. It will affect many Oregon businesses, and ultimately all…
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OWA Members Oppose Raising Oregon’s Minimum Wage: Arwen’s Story

Oregon Women for Agriculture opposes raising Oregon’s minimum wage.  OWA members share the reasons why they are personally opposed to raising Oregon’s minimum wage. OWA member Arwen McGilvra (aka The Tech Chef a content manager and Web Developer) shares her story. Stuck in the Middle I was working for a local non-profit in Albany, OR…
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No on 92

By Arwen McGilvra- I think I need to give my 2 cents on this issue that has been so hotly contended. I’m getting phone calls and mailings practically every day, and I’m sure you are too. Here’s what it boils down to: Badly written legislation shouldn’t be passed even if you agree with the general…
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Timber Industry Response to Oregonian Article

From our friends at Oregonians for Food & Shelter and Oregon Forest Industries Council – Download the report here. Download the report here. (PDF) In profiling the use of herbicides in Oregon’s forestry sector, two recent stories in The Oregonian (Story 1, Story 2) took great pains to sensationalize the practice by using extreme cases…
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American Agri-Women Encourages Comments to the EPA

American Agri-Women recently sent out this update- We’re sharing news regarding the latest issue with the Clean Water Act and the EPA — and offer a chance for you to get involved and submit comments. The latest issue is related to the definition of the scope of “waters of the US.” The comment period is open until July 21. …
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