Polk County
Polk County Officers

President: Diann Washburn

Vice President: Deb Thomas

Secretary: Carol Marx

Treasurer: Arlene Kovash


We meet on the second Monday of the month, rotating between breakfast and lunch at Farroll’s Restaurant, Rock N Rogers in Rickreall. Contact Diann for more information. All are welcome to join us!

Updates from Polk
  • Polk County Spring Update
    We started off the New Year with a wonderful challenge, judging 41 essays from our Constitutional Essay contest! High school students from Polk, Marion and Benton Counties participated. Each entry received a $5 Dutch Bros. card and a pocket Constitution. A bonus $10 Dutch Bros. card was given if students submitted a creative meme. Four ...
  • Polk Chapter Winter Update
    Fall continued to be busy for the Polk county ladies! We reached out to Polk, Marion and Benton county high schools to encourage students to write an essay for our 2017 Constitutional Essay contest. As of today, we have received nine entries! A definite increase from past years. Prizes awarded will be $250 for first ...
  • Polk Chapter Fall Update
    Polk County OWA has been busy this summer! Here’s what we’ve been working on: At the Polk County Fair – We presented our “Explore Opportunities in Agriculture” display board with brochures detailing a few of the many jobs available in agriculture. We also helped manage the Passport Program. As people entered the fairgrounds, we encouraged them ...
  • Polk Chapter Summer Update
    Polk county meets on the second Monday of each month at 11:30 AM at the Eola Inn, Rock n Rogers Restaurant in west Salem. All are welcome to join us! Arlene Kovash traveled to two AAW events this year, (the Mid-Year Meeting and Fly In), and Deb Thomas helped with Ag Fest. Our monthly meetings have been ...
  • Polk Chapter Spring Update
    The Polk County ladies provided an Ag table at the Mid-Valley Winter AgFest, held at the Polk County Fairgrounds in Rickreall February 25th & 26th. It was a success. Thank you to our membership for their time at the event and to Deb Thomas for her hard work and efforts organizing the event. We look ...