photo credit: Sheila Sund
Yamhill County Officers

President: Tara Lomacz
Vice-President: Susie Kreder
Secretary: Eunice Goodrich
Treasurer: Helle Ruddenklau

Yamhill County Women for Ag is preparing for this spring’s  Ag In The Classroom’s literacy project with students. We will present the reading with a hands on activity. We continue to support local 4H and FFA groups financially. For more information about any of our projects or to join our membership, please reach out!

Upcoming Events

Meetings third Wednesday of each month via Zoom at 7pm. We do not meet in June, July, August or December. Please email Tara above for the Zoom link.


Yamhill County Women for Agriculture is pleased to announce our $750 Community College Scholarship. This scholarship is due April 11, 2022. Download the 2022 application here!

Updates from Yamhill

  • Yamhill County Women for Ag gearing up for Fall activities
    Yamhill County does not meet during the summer, but our members helped out at state fair, hosted teachers for the Summer Ag Institute and informed others about harvest progress through our Facebook feeds. We have had our first meeting of the fall and are getting ready to start our gift packs. We have started the process for ...
  • Yamhill October Report
    Yamhill County just had our first meeting after taking a summer break. We are planning on packing our gift packs again in November and wanted to let OWA members know that you can pre-order a gift pack and we will deliver them to the board meeting before Christmas. They will cost $25 again this year ...