Lane Chapter Winter 2021 Update

Lane Chapter Winter 2021 Update

Greetings from Lane County!


On November 17th we held our 5th annual Lane County Social and Membership Drive. It was the day before Governor Brown put a statewide freeze on everything, so we were still able to meet. The evening was spent catching up and enjoying great food, wine, and excellent conversation. We went around the room and introduced ourselves and shared what relationship we have with agriculture. Jessica Jansen spoke about the challenges Ag in the Classroom is facing and what we are going to do this next year to make sure we get our faces in the classrooms. We talked about what we thought 2021 would look like and how that affects our chapter. We also had a Limited Edition OWA blanket on display. We had 14 attendees (12 members and 2 guests) and one has already signed up. Thank you to all that attended and a special thank you to Stefanie Monroe, for cooking our Italian feast and for hosting the event, and to Stefanie Suess for the yummy desserts.


Lane Chapter has 41 paid members going into 2021.


Thank you to all the Lane County members for your hard work in 2020 and I look forward to what we can achieve in 2021.


Mary Howarth

Lane County OWA President