Lane Chapter Winter Update

Lane Chapter Winter Update

Greetings from Lane County! On November 3rd we had our First Annual Lane County Social & Membership Drive at the Amici Restaurant located inside the Holiday Inn in Springfield Oregon. As shown in the picture below we had a wonderful turnout of current and prospective members. The evening was spent enjoying good drinks, great food and excellent conversation. Debbie Crocker & Dona Coon gave an overview of the activities on the State Level and the numerous benefits and training OWA can offer, Jessica Jansen informed us of all the wonderful things Ag in the Classroom supports and our current members introduced themselves along with how they are related to Ag.

We have already gained 4 new members directly from this event with several more very excited to attend our next meeting in February. This was a great way to introduce new women to our organization in a very laid back and inviting atmosphere, additionally it served as a thank you to our members for an amazing year!

Moving forward we are already working hard to gather items for next year’s auction, planning several fundraisers, gathering schools to attend for the Literacy Project and making new orders for Crop ID signs to put in around the County.

I want to give a special thank you to all the women of Lane County for an amazing 2016….we sprang back into action as an active chapter, grew to 26 members, showed our support at auction, participated in Ag in the Classroom and put up numerous Crop ID signs within our County.

Another thank you to the State Officers for supporting us as we’ve grown, guiding me through this process and being HUGE cheerleaders for our organization and Lane County.

Sarah Fay,  Lane County President