Lane County Winter Update

Lane County Winter Update

Happy New Year from Lane County.

On November 13th we held our 3rd annual Lane County Social and Membership drive.  This year’s event was held at Hayworth Estate Wines in Coburg. We had some great speakers.  Suzette Menking a local Junction City teacher that we sponsored to attended Case Institute at OSU last July gave a great presentation on what she learned and what she is putting to work in her classroom.  Jessica Jansen spoke about Ag in the Classroom and how the literacy project connects volunteers from the agricultural community with local classrooms.  Debbie Crocker gave an overview of the activities on the State Level and numerous benefits and training OWA can offer. It was a wonderful night spent enjoying great food, Wine and conversation. We had 29 attendees (15 members & 14 guests) and have signed up 2 new members from this event.


We are hard at work gathering items for the OWA Auction in April, gathering volunteers and schools for the 2019 Literacy Project, along with planning our next fundraisers and making new orders for Crop ID signs to put in around the County.


Lane County OWA meets on the first Friday, 8:15 am at Citizens Bank in Junction City. We are meeting in the mornings every other month October – June.  We also meet in the evenings January, March and May for members that are not able to attend the Morning meetings.  The evening meeting locations have been moving around Lane County to draw more interest in members coming to meetings.


Thank you to all the Lane County Ladies for your hard work in 2018.  We have a great team of ladies and a solid foundation for 2019.


Mary Howarth, Vice President