Linn-Benton Chapter Winter Update

Linn-Benton Chapter Winter Update

Our November meeting was held at Dona Coon’s home on the 8th. A group met at 3 pm to assemble Christmas tree ornaments for Pape in Tangent. Carrie Corrado came with all the bits and pieces for the Farm Animal theme. It was a good time with laughing and glue involved. The tree was decorated on Tuesday, November 29. It was really lovely and customers actually brought ornaments to the counter and tried to purchase them! Quite a compliment ladies!

The regular meeting followed the work party. After eating dinner together, our members signed up for times to volunteer at the Willamette Valley Ag Show, organized by Jessica Jansen.  Linn Benton provided a basket for the Ag in the Classroom Auction. The crop identification sign program will be continued to be supported by Crop Production Services in Tangent and Pat Boren has volunteered to work with us. We discussed possible nominees for the Oregon Leaven Award and reviewed our participation at Girl Fest in Portland.

Girl Fest was attended by more than 3,000 girls and we were very busy all day! Elisa Chandler and her husband, Rick, went up the day before the event and set up a beautiful booth. Sujaya Rao brought displays of insects and even some live creatures to attract attention. Debbie Crocker, Emily Woodcock, Dona Coon and Michelle Carmony (M/C) assisted Elisa during the day. Elisa and Rick dismantled and hauled everything home. Nice work everyone!!

Members attended the December State Board Meeting in Salem and had no regular chapter meeting.

The January meeting will be held at the Eichler log cabin on Peoria Road Tuesday, January 10. Dinner will be served and our budget, meeting schedule and goals will be discussed.  Each member of the chapter is being asked to personally donate two items for the auction and to procure additional items from business’ they work with. Linn Benton is also hosting the January State Board Meeting at the Boulder Falls Inn, Lebanon. We are planning a winter social for Tuesday, February 7 at a location yet to be determined. We had such a good time last year bringing members we hadn’t seen for some time and potential new members together.

Can’t wait to see everyone at the State Convention in Silverton.

Dona Coon, Linn-Benton Chapter President