Members attend 2022 American Agri-Women Convention

Members attend 2022 American Agri-Women Convention

16 members from Oregon Women for Agriculture (OWA) answered the ‘call of the mountains’ by journeying to Bozeman, Montana during early November to attend the American Agri-Women (AAW) National Convention.

Members of Oregon Women for Agriculture attending the American Agri-Women Convention

They engaged with other affiliate members from around the country.  OWA members listened to engaging and informative speakers, toured local agricultural operations and participated in the business meetings of AAW with plenty of opportunity for socializing and networking.  OWA President, Mary Hood, said the convention was ‘an inspiring

OWA President Mary Hood was among the attendees to the AAW Conference.

gathering of women from around the country who are all very passionate about agriculture.  You can’t help leaving the event feeling motivated and energized to get more involved.’

Members engage in a mental health awareness workshop.