Oregon Agriculture: Rooted in the Past – Growing for the Future 2013 OWA Auction

Oregon Agriculture: Rooted in the Past – Growing for the Future 2013 OWA Auction

The 2013 OWA Fundraiser Auction is in the history book as a success! Thank you to everyone who committed time, energy and talent to this huge undertaking. New categories included the Wine Lottery, where you bought a $20 token and received a number that corresponded with a bottle of wine. Valley Catering provided us with revenue from the sale of alcohol and members and guests were very generous in their bidding and donations.

The Fund-A-Need generated $6,050 towards the Crop ID Sign project. That was in addition to the $3,000 donated by Bi-Mart and the Bi-Mart Willamette Country Music Festival. This donation was designated to place signs along the route of music fans to and from the concert site. The signs and holders have already been placed by LB member, Martha Glaser, Bob Spinney of Crop Production Services and Ken Sayer of Brownsville. They were up in time for the Brownsville Pioneer Picnic too!

There has been lots of positive feed-back on the signs from people with no connection to agriculture. That is who we wanted to reach and it is working! We have the signs mapped and cross referenced so that we can update them next year. There are sign holders also
available. Let’s work together to get as many signs up as possible on well traveled roads. Please contact Dona Coon or Martha Glaser with sign requests for your area.

Planning for the 2014 Auction will begin in September. We have openings for Committee Chairs for Gift Certificates and Registration/Welcome Table. Our thanks goes out to Floydene Ruble, Joanie Butler and Jeree Mulkey for their years of service to this event.

Please contact Dona Coon if you would like to be involved in our one fundraiser of the year. It is a lot of work, but also a lot of fun. Thank you again for making this happen.