Polk 2023 Summer Update

Polk 2023 Summer Update

The Polk OWA Chapter meets on the second Monday of each month at 11:30 AM at Westside Pacific Family Restaurant in Rickreall. (Formally known as Rock n Rogers) All are welcome to join us!

We had five members attend the annual OWA Convention in Springfield. All enjoyed the tour stops and the speakers that night. It was a great event.

We encouraged members to help gather donations for the annual OWA Auction. Arlene Kovash put together another beautiful patriot wall hanging for the live auction and Molly Mulkey & Linda Barnett set up the pop booth during the event. Carol Marx and Diann Washburn attended with family.

We have decided to revamp our Constitutional Essay with “Fun Facts” we will distribute to local schools. We will be working on facts over the summer and looking for a small booklet we can also share with students. We will reach out to friendly schools to ask teachers what grade level would be appropriate.

We will be sharing the OWA Farmstand Coloring sheets at our local farm stands and are also planning to host another Stop the Bleed class in late October. Watch for more details!


Have a great summer!