Polk Chapter Fall 2020 Update

Polk Chapter Fall 2020 Update

The summer weather gave us an opportunity to move our monthly meetings outside, a welcomed change from spring Zoom meetings! Most of our projects are on hold due to COVID, but we enjoyed our time together catching up with each other and hearing reports from the state OWA meetings.


We invited Alice Dettwyler to attend our August meeting to share information on the history of the American Agri-Women dues structure. We also compiled a history of OWA dues that Deanna Dyksterhuis and Tracy Duerst helped us with. PCWA is opposed to creating an “inactive” member level where dues typically paid to AAW are kept within OWA for members who do not engage in AAW activities and events. We have had many discussions on this subject since the OWA convention in February and have decided to do some research so we can formalize our thoughts for a future state board meeting. Our discussion with Alice recognized the value of the relationships we develop and the support we receive from friendships through AAW.


Arlene Kovash participated for PCWA at the Polk County Fair – Livestock Association Youth Auction on August 15th. We raised funds and a donation from our chapter budget, she bid $1,100 on the third high hog, helping out a Central High School FFA student!


We did not meet in September, due to the smoke and falling ash from the wildfires. Our October 12th meeting was back at our usual spot, Rock n Rogers in Rickreall, for lunch. We hope to continue meeting at the restaurant until flu season sends us back to Zoom meetings. All are welcome to join us. We typically meet the second Monday of the month. Contact me for more details – diann@ofsonline.org


Congratulations to PCWA member Mallory Lucas, who was recently selected for the 4th REAL Oregon class!


Enjoy the fall weather,


Diann Washburn,

Polk President