Commemorative Pendleton Blanket

Commemorative Pendleton Blanket


Commemorative Pendleton Blanket- Celebrating 50 years!!
Oregon Women for Agriculture is excited to offer this custom-designed 64″ x 72″ Pendleton blanket to members and friends of Oregon Women for Agriculture. This custom blanket is a beautiful representation of Oregon agriculture and celebrates the diversity and bounty of our state.


OWA will be purchasing the blankets in a group after the first 128 blankets are sold to ensure we raise enough to cover the cost of the order. As a result, there might be a small delay from your order to delivery.
Will it be here in time for Christmas? There is a small chance, but probably not, as it all depends on how quickly the first 128 blankets sell. If you would like to use these as a gift, we will mail a picture of the blanket to everyone who orders by December 17th. You can also download a PDF here! That way if the blanket isn’t here you will have something to give in its place!
In order to cover the credit card processing fees, there is a small fee associated with an online order. To avoid this fee, you can also print the form and mail it along with a check payable to OWA, 630 NW Hickory Street Suite 120; PMB 50 Albany, OR 97321.
Purchase Agreement

I understand that I am pre-ordering and paying for an OWA custom Pendleton blanket, in advance, and the blankets will be ordered only if and when OWA pre-sells 128 blankets. Each blanket is $250. I understand that it may take months before receiving the blanket. I understand the design shown will be the final design or very close to it. If there are changes it they will be minor but might still happen. I understand that if OWA is not able to pre-sell enough blankets I will be receiving a full refund and not a blanket.

We will do our best to keep everyone updated on the progress of this blanket. If you have questions you can contact Katie Boshart Glaser, 541-936-0688 or [email protected] You can also email Oregon Women for Agriculture at, [email protected]