Yamhill Chapter Spring Update

Yamhill Chapter Spring Update

Fields here in the valley are like walking on a sponge full of glue!  At least the birds have started singing.  The grass is getting green but its not dry enough to put any fertilizer on. Same goes for the lawn that just keeps growing with no hope of mowing until maybe after Easter.  I know, complaining can’t help.

Yamhill County Women for Ag have started seeing interest in our community college scholarship.  A few high school councilors have called me to inquire.  We try to have a decision made by the time graduation gets here so we can award it during senior night.

We are looking forward to the OWA Auction next month and are busy collecting donations.

Some of us have been busy at the Capitol voicing our opinions about a number of different concerns.

Susie Kreder, Yamhill Co. President