Yamhill County Spring Update

Yamhill County Spring Update

We are gearing up for Auction coming very soon and Ag Fest as well.  Eunice is still looking for volunteers to man the Ag Fest booth; so if any of you would like to volunteer for the Saturday and Sunday after auction, she would really appreciate it.

We had our last month’s meeting at the Sheridan Museum of History, located in beautiful downtown Sheridan, OR.  It is a fantastic place to visit.  It’s a neat place to hold a meeting as well.  They have a lot of great artifacts and historical information dating back to the start of Yamhill and Polk Counties. Please contact Marge Gutbrod (her number is in the directory) if you need any more information about that.

Here in Yamhill County everything is either green or blooming. We have been applying fertilizer and crop protectants, and putting in bees for the fruit crops.  We have had a cool start to the spring but that’s about normal for this area.

We will be looking at our scholarship applicants at our next meeting which will be held on the Tuesday between Auction and Ag Fest.

Work safely!

Susie Kreder, President