Oregon Women for Agriculture was organized 50 years ago by Willamette Valley farm women who were concerned with regulatory issues impacting the grass seed industry. Since that time, this all-volunteer group has broadened its scope to include nearly all facets of agriculture and areas of our state.

Our Mission:

Working together to communicate the story of today’s agriculture

Our purpose is:
  • To educate and inform the membership and the public about the importance of agriculture to the economy and to the environment.
  • To engage all phases of Oregon agriculture having mutual concerns.
  • To communicate the story of today’s agriculture.
  • To do everything possible to see that agricultural interests are heard and dealt with fairly.
  • To support and encourage research that will benefit agriculture.

OWA defines a family farm as a form of business enterprise in which the entrepreneurial decisions are made by a family engaged in the production of food, feed, fiber, fuel, forest products and/or flora for profit which provides a major source of income and capital for reinvestment.

OWA defines sustainable agriculture as using farm practices and resources that produce safe, high quality food and other products for America and the world’ resulting in profitable operations that improve the land and environment for future generations.