Oregon Women for Agriculture does everything possible to see that agricultural interests are heard and dealt with fairly. This includes interacting with the legislature, visiting those who represent us and joining others in support or opposition of proposed legislation. We have an adopt-a-legislator program that allows our members to easily connect and converse with those at the state capitol.

Representative Shelly Boshart Davis visiting with constituents Dona Coon and Barbara Hauge during the 2019 Legislative Training

Oregon Women for Agriculture is also a member of Ag-PAC. Ag-PAC is a coalition of natural resource based organizations who endorse candidates and measures that are supportive of farming, ranching and timber industries.

Oregon Women for Agriculture is a non-partisan organization focusing solely on the issues that affect all of agriculture.

How to Testify during the 2021 Virtual Legislative Session

Want to testify? You can do so remotely on any piece of legislation going through the process this session. Your input and insight as to how bills impact you and our community is highly valued. You can find information on how to testify remotely on this page.

Learn more about our positions on issues:

2019 Oregon Women for Agriculture Position Statements

2019 American Agri-Women Position Statements

Last fall we conducted our inaugural legislative training for members with an interest in the legislative process. The event was organized jointly with Oregon Women in Timber. We provided an educational orientation about the legislative process, provided a tour of the Capitol, and scheduled group meetings with elected officials. The training was held during Legislative Days so participants had the opportunity to attend hearings.


November 2019 Legislative Training participants

Washington DC American Agri-Women Fly-In

Each year in June, American Agri-Women host a Legislative Fly-In for those interested in speaking to their legislators, agencies, and other professionals in Washington D.C. about current agricultural issues and policies while relying upon your own opinions as well as AAW’s Position Statements.



For more information please contact Tami Kerr.