photo credit: Sheila Sund
Yamhill County Officers

President: Tara Jackson
Vice-President: Susie Kreder
Secretary: Eunice Goodrich
Treasurer: Helle Ruddenklau

Yamhill County Women for Ag is preparing for this spring’s  Ag In The Classroom’s literacy project with students. We will present the reading with a hands on activity. We continue to support local 4H and FFA groups financially. For more information about any of our projects or to join our membership, please reach out!

Upcoming Events

Meetings third Wednesday of each month at Citizen’s Bank in McMinnville at 7pm. We do not meet in June, July, August or December.


Yamhill County Women for Agriculture is pleased to announce our $750 Community College Scholarship.This scholarship is due May 22, 2020. Download the 2020 application here!

Updates from Yamhill

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