photo credit: Sheila Sund
Yamhill County Officers

President: Susie Kreder
Vice-President: Tara Lomacz
Secretary: Eunice Goodrich
Treasurer: Helle Ruddenklau

Yamhill County Women for Ag is preparing for this spring’s  Ag In The Classroom’s literacy project with students. We will present the reading with a hands on activity. We continue to support local 4H and FFA groups financially. For more information about any of our projects or to join our membership, please reach out!

Upcoming Events

Meetings occur one Saturday each month. Please email Susie above for meeting details. We do not meet in June, July, August or December.


Each spring the chapter provides a community college scholarship. Check back in early Spring 2024 for details.

Updates from Yamhill

  • Yamhill Chapter Spring 2022 Update
    Happy Spring from Yamhill County! We are enjoying the lengthening of the days as we have a bit more evening light each day.   During our January and February meeting, we took care of our annual housekeeping tasks! Our chapter voted to keep the same officers this year. I am happy to continue on as President with ...
  • Yamhill Winter 2021 Update
    Greetings from Yamhill County. We wrap up 2020 feeling grateful for the bonds and friendships nurtured within our chapter throughout the year. Despite Zoom being a poor substitute for in person meetings, we still appreciate the ability to stay connected this year. We were sad to learn of the sudden passing of Stephani Lougher in ...
  • Yamhill Chapter Fall 2020 Update
    Yamhill County is beginning to see signs of Fall as daylight hours become shorter and color dots the foliage of our landscapes. We were blessed to make it through the Oregon fires with only anxiety, power loss, and preparations made for a worst-case scenario, from which we were thankfully spared. Our hearts go out to ...
  • Yamhill Chapter Spring Update
    In January, several of us attended a surprise 80th birthday party for our long-time chapter member and Secretary Eunice Goodrich. It was a privilege to be part of her special day and hear stories from her community about how she touches their lives as she does each of ours. Please wish Eunice a belated happy ...
  • Yamhill County Spring Update
    We are gearing up for Auction coming very soon and Ag Fest as well.  Eunice is still looking for volunteers to man the Ag Fest booth; so if any of you would like to volunteer for the Saturday and Sunday after auction, she would really appreciate it. We had our last month’s meeting at the Sheridan ...