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No on 92

By Arwen McGilvra- I think I need to give my 2 cents on this issue that has been so hotly contended. I’m getting phone calls and mailings practically every day, and I’m sure you are too. Here’s what it boils down to: Badly written legislation shouldn’t be passed even if you agree with the general…
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Timber Industry Response to Oregonian Article

From our friends at Oregonians for Food & Shelter and Oregon Forest Industries Council – Download the report here. Download the report here. (PDF) In profiling the use of herbicides in Oregon’s forestry sector, two recent stories in The Oregonian (Story 1, Story 2) took great pains to sensationalize the practice by using extreme cases…
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Yamhill County member shares why her farm family is voting No on Measure 92

This op-ed by Helle Ruddenklau appeared in the McMinnville News-Register on September 12, 2014.

AgPAC’s 2014 Endorsements

Check out AgPAC’s 2014 General Election Endorsements. OWA is one of 14 organizations that participate in the candidate interview process.  The candidate is allotted 30 minutes to share about their race and to answer our questions about their positions on issues facing our industry. AgPAC also hosts a legislative tour in June, where candidates get…
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American Agri-Women Encourages Comments to the EPA

American Agri-Women recently sent out this update- We’re sharing news regarding the latest issue with the Clean Water Act and the EPA — and offer a chance for you to get involved and submit comments. The latest issue is related to the definition of the scope of “waters of the US.” The comment period is open until July 21. …
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Keep your eyes peeled for the Oregon Women for Agriculture commercial running September 29th thru October 10th on KATU!